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  • What is Super Agent?
    Super Agent is a browser extension that automatically fills out cookie consent forms for you based on your preferences.
  • Is Super Agent free?
    Super Agent is free for the first 3 pop ups a day. The "unlimited" version costs 1.19$€ a month or 11,99$€ a year. A 29.99$€ forever option will be available soon.
  • What's the catch? Do you sell my data?
    No, and we never will. Also we will not accept money from websites to override any options.
  • Does my Mac support Super Agent?
    Super Agent is available in macOS 11 and later, and in macOS 10.15 with Safari 14 installed.
  • How can I use Super Agent?
    All you need to do is install Super Agent, define your preferences on the options page and navigate the web.
  • How can I configure my cookie consent preferences?
    Simply go to your options page and select which cookies you want us to accept on your behalf, and which cookies you want us to reject.
  • What happens when I report a website?
    We analyse reports daily and add rules frequently to cover as many pop-ups as possible. We prioritise reports based on how many users reported the same website, so more popular websites where a cookie pop-up exists are more likely to quickly be added by our team.
  • What personal data do you collect?
    We don't store any personal data except for your e-mail address which we use only to verify your account and to synchronize your preferences across devices. You can find more info in our Privacy Policy.
  • How does Super Agent work?
    Super Agent keeps a list of known cookie pop-ups to be able to detect them in sites. When you visit a website, Super Agent scans it for these providers and sends a request to our server with the provider name, getting back a set of rules from our database to handle that pop-up. Super Agent also requests from our servers rules for the specific URL you are visiting. The extension furthermore keeps a list of cookie selectors from EasyList ( to be able to hide them automatically while it works in the background. Every request that hits our servers goes through a gateway that simply forwards it to our compute environment, which is hosted in AWS. We keep no logs or traces of these requests in production to protect user privacy. This means that we can never know what websites any specific user visits. The only exception is when a logged in user reports a website - we keep track of which users report a website, because we need to be able to know how many unique users reported a website so we can prioritize what to work on next. If activated, we store your Consent Trail so you always know when Super Agent consented to the use of cookies on your behalf. This data is encrypted end to end using the industry standard 256 bit AES-GCM with a key derived using PKBDF2. This means only you can decrypt your Consent Trail - we cannot access it.
  • What happens if Super Agent doesn't work on a website?
    If you see a cookie banner, click on the Super Agent Icon and report it. We will fix it as soon as possible.
  • Do you have Super Agent for mobile?
    Currently you can use Super Agent on iPhones and iPads running iOS 15.
  • The Super Agent App in Mac OS shows an infinite loading and I can’t use the extension, what can I do?"
    This is a known issue in some versions of Mac OS. To fix this problem, please run the following commands in a Terminal and try again: PATH=/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support:"$PATH" lsregister -f /Applications/
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