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Privacy can be Simple.

Get control and improve your browsing experience, making it private, fast, and without pop-ups. Super Agent is a browser extension and web service that will auto-accept cookies for you. You define your preferences once, and Super Agent will do the rest.

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Online privacy has never been

this easy and fast

Super Agent helps you pick which cookies you want and which cookies you don't want. It doesn't store your data by default, informs you of any action taken, and warns you whenever it finds a website not respecting your preferences.


Get a faster and unintrusive browsing experience. Plus, you can quickly check and track your consent history.

Smooth and effortless.


Determine which cookies you want and which cookies you don't want. We will manage it for you, everywhere. 

Omnipresent, but unintrusive.


Be sure your preferences and data are never sold to any 3rd parties and that you control your data.

Trustworthy and protective. 



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